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Ultimate II Aerial Disinfection Subscription Plan

Ultimate II Aerial Disinfection Subscription Plan

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How the Ultimate plan works:

Purchase and receive your first month delivery of 1 Ultimate II-5.5L Disinfection Machine and 4-packs of Disinfectant Air Purifying Solution within 3-5 days. For the next 5 months, you will receive 4 fresh packs of Disinfectant Air Purifying Solution!

*All subscription plans are on a 6-month basis

Airborne pathogens are invisible to the eye, but they are the number 1 cause of illnesses in Singapore.

BioCair Ultimate II-5.5L Dry Mist Disinfection Machine, used together with Disinfectant Air Purifying Solution is able to kill 99.999% airborne pathogens in just 1 hour. The Disinfectant Air Purifying Solution is a water-based disinfectant solution which is non-alcohol, non-toxic, non-irritant. Tested to be safe if inhaled and safe if ingested, you don't need to worry about disinfecting around your children. Recommended usage is to turn machine on 1 hr a day in an enclosed room before bedtime and you are safe from harmful pathogens during your sleep time!  

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